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Failure to Diagnose Colon Cancer in Pennsylvania

Colon cancer is usually curable when identified early on. Recently, studies have reviled that death from colon cancer has dramatically declined due to early detection by way of colonoscopy. 


Colon Cancer Errors

A variety of medical errors lead to untreated or undiagnosed colon cancer:

  • Failure to order routine colonoscopy screening at recommended intervals
  • Improperly interpreting the results of screenings and biopsies
  • Failure to refer to appropriate specialists, such as a gastroenterologist
  • Failure to follow up on reported symptoms, such as blood in the stool or other common signs of colon cancer
  • Surgical errors when removing early-stage polyps
  • Failure to identify family history of colon cancer

People whose colon cancer is more advanced because of errors such as these will experience more pain, greater recovery time, increased expense, more wage loss and a greater chance of premature death. 

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