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Medical Malpractice

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Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice Law Firm

 ~7.4% of physicians have Malpractice Suits brought against them annually
~Only 1.6% of physicians have to pay out to plaintiffs

Being on this page means that you have likely suffered a terrible loss due to medical malpractice.  For over 65 years we have been helping people just like you win monetary compensation from doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies to help rebuild lives. Fill out the contact form below for a free, no-obligation consultation so we can become familiar with the particulars of your case. There are no fees what-so-ever for our services unless we win monetary compensation for you.

Time is a leading factor in all cases. With time crucial details are forgotten, vital documentation can be filed away, and the state of a physician’s practice and insurance can change significantly. Our firm is contingency based – which means you don’t pay a penny unless you win your case. From the initial consultation to the last day when a verdict is handed down – you have our full support without worry about a ticking hourly clock. Our number is 855-90-4Injury – we will gladly review your case. If you found the charts above helpful, please browse through our highlighted focus areas to see if your case is represented – you will likely find additional charts, graphs, videos, and facts that will help you understand what we look for and we approach certain cases.


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