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Tragedy can strike in an instant. In a moment, a person’s life can be changed forever. We understand that injury victims and their families often face tremendous physical, emotional and financial challenges. Some injury victims will never be able to work again. Lifelong medical care needs will produce other challenges. 

We are committed to handling cases on a “team approach basis.” As a result, we are selective in those cases we handle. We are not a high-volume law firm where less experienced lawyers and paralegals will be involved in your case. Instead, you will work directly with the firm’s partners, Bernie and Craig. They have the knowledge and the experience you can trust. They will always listen to you and they will fight for the compensation you deserve. From the day you contact our office, if we decide to handle your case, an experienced legal team will devote the energy and resources that you deserve. We believe our approach will result in better representation, a better experience for you and your family and a better result.


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