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Craig Frischman & Bernard Rizza are bulwarks in the Medical Malpractice and Auto Injury arena. They have both earned the title of Super Lawyer and have won millions of dollars for their clients. With a 10 of 10 rating on AVVO and a veteran staff, this is the team your case deserves.


No Obligation Case Review

Medical Malpractice and Auto Injuries are common but difficult to prove. We do the work to make sure you receive the best payment from a guilty party.

We do not share your data with any third parties. The information provided is used only to contact you for the purpose of discussing case details or setting a no obligation consultation.

Millions in Recoveries

$6.5 Million

$6.5 Million

Combined Recoveries for infants who suffered birth injuries.

$5.85 Million

$5.85 Million

Recovery for a woman who became paralyzed from an undiagnosed spine fracture following​ a traumatic injury.

$5.2 Million

$5.2 Million

Combined recoveries for failure to diagnose spinal epidural abscess or hematoma in patients resulting in paralysis from the mid-chest down along with the loss of bowel and bladder function.

$4.2 Million

$4.2 Million

combined recovery for patients who sustained bile duct injuries during gallbladder surgery.

$3 Million

$3 Million

Recovery for a patient who suffered burn injuries in an operating room fire.

$2.4 Million

$2.4 Million

Combined Recovery for brother and sister who suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle collision.

Contingency Based Firm:

 It is simple, if we don’t win your case – you don’t pay anything at all. If we do win, there will be a percentage based fee on the total awarded sum.

Where to Look for Medical Malpractice

Attorney Bernard Rizza explains the 3 most common types of medical malpractice. Delayed / misdiagnosis, surgical complication, and medication errors.

Frlawpa Spotlight - Shoulder Dystocia:

-Occurs in up to 3% of Vaginal Births

-Injury to the nerves of the shoulder, arms and hand. This may cause shaking or paralysis.

-Lack of oxygen to the brain. In the most severe cases, which are rare, this can cause brain damage and even death.

heart attack2
Since 2000, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that it has received more than 95,000 complaints of medication errors, though the actual number of errors, the FDA states, is likely higher. .